Yummy Arabic Desserts That Every Sweet-Lover In Qatar

7 Yummy Arabic Desserts That Every Sweet-Lover In Qatar Must Try

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you require your monthly serving of sweet treats? We’ve compiled a delectable list of some of the greatest locations that serve some of the most well-known Arab desserts. The Arab world is enormous, and logically, there are also many desserts there. Here are seven delectable Arabic specialties you must sample when in Qatar, ranging from deep-fried Logma (brown dumplings) to warm gooey Kunafa.

1. Kunafa

This dessert, often referred to as kanafeh, has origins in a variety of Arab nations. This treat, which is orange and yellow in colour, is prepared with pastry or semolina strands that resemble noodles. Then a cheese filling is placed inside before being dipped and covered in a delicious sugar syrup. The kunafa may include either cream cheese or mozzarella cheese, depending on the establishment. The stretched cheese seeps out and sizzles on the hot plate as you reach in for the first taste. One of the most well-known Arab/Turkish desserts in the world is this mouthwatering treat. You can also choose your favourite nuts to garnish the dessert.

2. Lugaimat (Logma)

Deep-fried and covered in date syrup and sesame seeds, these delectable brown dumplings are a Chinese specialty. These sweet balls, a local favourite, have a crunchy, crispy, and soft texture all at once. When you cut through the somewhat hardened fried crust, mushy mush fills your lips. Bedouin women typically prepare this delicacy in rounded, deep pans. At any given time, 30 to 50 are created. Lugaimat is frequently drizzled with honey syrup, nutella, or sugar.

3. Umm Ali

This Egyptian treat, which is frequently served as dessert at weddings, has a fascinating historical background. Umm Ali, affectionately known as the mother of Ali, was the wife of the ruler’s adversary. In celebration of Imam Ali’s death, the ruler’s wife gave the order to make and distribute this dish throughout Egypt. That is how this delectable treat was created. It is an exquisitely made milk-based delicacy that includes pastry, milk, cream, and almonds. In a nutshell, goodness in a serving!

4. Rice Pudding

Many cuisines use rice pudding, commonly known as roz bel laban. This dessert has a long history of use in medicine to treat digestive issues and upset stomachs. It’s a straightforward dessert made from rice, milk, cream, sugar, and nuts. The entire mixture is cooked together before being served hot or cold. Saffron, cinnamon, almonds, honey, and cream can occasionally be used to garnish the dessert. In more recent versions, the pudding is topped with a beautiful, cool scoop of vanilla ice cream.

5. Halawat El Jibn

This meal is fantastic for cheese lovers because it is ooey and cheesy. This dessert is a staple of Lebanon and is made of pastry folded up with cream and custard. The dessert is created with either cream cheese or mozzarella cheese, just like the kunafa. After that, the dessert is garnished with nuts and cherries and served chilled.

6. Basbousa

Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and even the United Arab Emirates produce these delectable snacks. Small square pieces of pastry and semolina are known as basbousa. They occasionally have saffron flavour and have coconut flavour. Another well-liked dessert eaten at weddings is baklava of various varieties. They go by the name Hereessa in various places of Egypt. The sweet has a texture and flavour that are extremely reminiscent of vanilla cakes. They have a crusty inside and a spongy outside.

7. Baklava

During the Ottoman era, this meal was created. Numerous countries in Europe, including Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, also have it. And as we are all aware, it is also present in Middle Eastern and Levantine nations. Every taste of this exotic Arabian dessert is delicious. Baklava is a tiny, nut-decorated sweet treat. On a dish or tray, they are then arranged in an array.

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