Cheese Lotus لوتس الجبن

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Delicious cream cheese paired with lotus biscuit crumbs and butter.

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Cheese Lotus لوتس الجبن in Qatar

Lotus with cream cheese biscuit.

Looking for a delectable Arabic sweet that’s sure to impress? Cheese Lotus (Jiiben) is a crowd-pleaser that’s famous in Qatar for its rich and creamy taste. Made with premium cream cheese, butter, and lotus biscuits fillings, this dessert is a perfect indulgence for any occasion. And when it comes to buying Arabic sweets online, our store is the best choice in Qatar. We offer a diverse range of mouth-watering treats, including Cheese Lotus (Jiiben), all available for convenient online ordering and delivery straight to your door. Don’t wait to try this irresistible sweet. Order now and experience the best that Qatar has to offer when it comes to Arabic sweets!


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